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Wills & Probate

Wills are a very efficient, generally easy and relatively cheap way to ensure the right people get your assets when you die.

Our specialist wills & probate solicitors are here to provide thorough and confidential legal advice.

Feel free to write to us if you have a question about your matter. We are more than happy to answer your queries and assist you with your matter should you choose to instruct us.

Our Wills & Probate department deals with all wills, probate, property planning, Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection matters.

We pride ourselves in providing a personal, helpful service covering all aspects of your requirements including the drafting of wills and testamentary advice to probate and assistance when things go wrong, including contentious probate matters and court proceedings. 

We make General Powers of Attorney, so that someone in your family can sign for you e.g. if you sell but live abroad.  If you are worried about losing mental or physical capacity, we can make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for your family.  We deal with the registration of these, so you can give them e.g. to your bank or doctor. 


We offer services in respect of Probate.  Our team at Youngs offer straightforward professional advice at every stage of estate administration.

We can advise on Probate; Estate Administration; Challenging a Will.  We can deal with the whole of the administration or can simply obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Lasting Powers of Attorney:

Being prepared for the future a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to appoint people who you trust to step in and make decisions for you if you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself.

These can be Financial Decisions or decisions in respect of Health and Care.  We can advise you on the benefits of making either or both types of LPA and can guide you through the process of the Application and Registration.

Court of Protection

We can help with any application to the Court of Protection.  You may want advice or assistance in applying to be appointed as a Deputy, or you may already be either acting as an Attorney or Deputy and need to make an application to the Court of Protection. We can provide advice on the application process itself and support the Deputy in their role once appointed.

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Contentious & Non-Contentious

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Answers to common questions:

If I have a joint property or account, can I leave my half in my will?

Generally, joint assets go automatically to the survivor, we can help change this if it is not what you want

What is an executor?

They deal with your funeral and any admin when you pass, sorting out your assets for your beneficiaries

What does probate mean?

You may need this certificate if you are executor to get the assets handed over to you, we can help with this

Can my beneficiary be my executor as well?

Yes, often they are a good choice

Can I put my funeral wishes in my will?

We can discuss letters of wishes with you

Can my solicitor be my executor?

Yes, we would be pleased to help. Please contact us for an idea of charges.

What does probate mean?

You may need this certificate if you are executor to get the assets handed over to you, we can help with this

What does a lasting power of attorney do?

They appoint an attorney, usually family, to manage your property and finances and/or your health and welfare, even if you lose capacity to do it yourself.

Is an executor the same as an attorney?

An attorney is chosen by you to help you manage your affairs whilst you are alive and your chosen executor carries out the administration of your assets following your will when you pass. They can be two different people and you can appoint more than one if you wish

For further information and confidential advice from our team of specialist wills & probate solicitors, please contact a member of our team or call us

033 33 582 582

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