Radiology is the term used to describe any diagnosis method that uses imaging. These include x-rays and ultrasounds. If you have suffered due to negligence or errors during these diagnosis methods which has caused you to suffer, you may be entitled to claim.

Radiology is simply the word to describe any medical treatment where imaging is used to diagnose a case. The most common types are X-Rays and ultrasound. These methods allow medical professionals to get a view of your body that allows them to diagnose conditions such as broken bones or cancers.

These diagnosis methods are usually extremely accurate, however if negligence occurs, you could be left dealing with issues or illnesses that worsen your condition.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a professional’s misinterpretation of a scan and it has led you to suffer as a result, you may be entitled to claim. If you’d like to speak with us, feel free to contact us if you have a question about your matter. We are more than happy to answer your queries and assist you with your matter should you choose to instruct us.

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What is radiology? 

If you have to go to hospital, you will often have some kind of scan to provide the doctors or nurses imagery. These will usually be interpreted by a specialist and include X-Rays, ultrasounds, computed tomography (CT scan), MRI scans etc.

Normally these scans are extremely good at highlighting diseases or issues within the human body, however, sometimes errors or negligence can occur, which means that a complication can go undetected. This could mean that there are delays in your treatment and that you suffer as a result – this is where you’d be able to make a medical negligence claim.

For example, a delay in the detection of a simple fracture may mean you require more extensive treatment. Often there is no reason for error.

Common errors leading to claims

Below are some of the most common examples of errors that we see and deal with claims for.

Errors include:

  • Misreading scans, x-rays, MRIs
  • Substandard reporting
  • Lack of follow up of suspicious results
  • Failure to diagnose cancers
  • Failure to diagnose brain tumours
  • Failure to diagnose broken bones
  • Failure to diagnose a stroke.

If you believe you have suffered from any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our medical negligence team by filling out a form on the page or calling the number. We offer a free initial consultation to go through your case and see if you have a claim.

No Win No Fee

Youngs Law offer no win, no fee for all of our medical negligence claims, so if you don’t win your case and receive compensation, you don’t pay us a penny. We will also wait for any fee to be paid to us when you receive you compensation and not upon winning you case.

If you think you may have a medical negligence claim involving genetics, contact us today.

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