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Independent Adjudications

Our prison law experts are at the forefront of developments in this area of law and regularly challenge the Ministry of Justice and other authorities.
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An adjudication in prison can either result in a Governor Adjudication or an Independent Adjudication. Those who are subject to an independent adjudication are entitled to Legal Aid Funding for a solicitor represent them at the adjudication.

An independent adjudicator will be impartial in the matter, and will have no previous knowledge of the prisoner. If a prisoner is suspected of being guilty in this scenario, a charge must be brought within 48 hours, which can make these adjudications fast paced with little time to plan. These adjudications are usually for disciplinary matters such as possession of unauthorized items in jail or drug use.

Given the fast paced nature of these and limited legal aid funding, representation here is subject to availability of a fee earner and also within distance. This means that we can only represent at Independent Adjudications from Havant in HMP Ford, HMP Winchester, and HMP Lewes. Likewise, in our Liverpool office, we can only represent Liverpool, Altcourse, Preston, Lancaster Farms, Garth, Wymott, Risley, Manchester and Forest Bank.

When to get in contact?

You will be asked if you wish to have a solicitor to represent when facing an adjudication hearing.

As soon as you know that an adjudication is an independent one and you are within one of the prisons that we cover call Youngs’ prison law solicitors.

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