License Conditions Appeals

If you’ve been released on license or Home Detention Curfew but feel the conditions are unfair your are entitled to make an appeal.

If you’ve received early release from prison ‘on license’ or on a Home Detention Order you often have to follow certain condition.

These conditions can involve thins such as not being able to see or associate with certain individuals or to visit certain places or an area that may be considered to be to offer harm or risk to another party– or a risk that the offender may become involved in criminal activity.

If you feel that the conditions that have been set are unfair or may have an impact that has not been considered by the parole board, you are able to appeal.

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It is common that circumstances change, making licence conditions out dated or no longer relevant, this could include something like whether or not a change of address is necessary or whether your ability to work or see family is still relevant.

We can assist with challenging licence conditions set once released from custody. We will look to see whether a licence condition is both necessary and proportionate in its application and whether it can be reasonably challenged.

Can I change my Licence Conditions?

License conditions will be specific for the individual they are placed upon, depending on their risk of harm or reoffending.  If you wish to challenge these, you will have to apply for a judicial review. A judicial review is where a court can review an administrative action by a public body and the process would need to be reviewed by a Solicitor. An alternative to this would be to submit an application to Probation requesting the removal or amendments to the licence conditions.

Why Choose Youngs’ Prison Law Solicitors?

Youngs Law are at the forefront of advocating prisoner rights and challenging the authorities.  We regularly represent clients at parole hearings, category A reviews, and much more, all over the country, and are committed to ensuring the best possible service for our clients.

We can assist with a range of prison law matters, some funded by legal aid and some outside of scope, and have expert solicitors on hand ready to fight your corner.

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