Judicial Review

Judicial reviews are type of court proceeding whereby a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body. In simple terms, judicial reviews are a challenge to the way in which a decision has been made, rather than challenging the rights and wrongs of the conclusion reached and are often used for recall hearings.

Judicial Reviews are the process of challenging a decision that is made by a public official/body. The decision will allow the challenger to have their case heard in front of members of the public. In relation to Prison Law these are often made around the decisions made by a prison governor, probation officer or parole board.

If you or a loved one would like to appeal a decision made by a public official or body within the last 3 months then get in contact with Youngs Law. We are one of the UK’s largest firms for Prison Law and our experienced team of solicitors deal with hundreds of cases every single year.

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What is a Judicial Review? 

A Judicial Review is the procedure used for challenging decisions made by public authorities in terms of the way in which a case was carried out and not the outcome of the case. Everyone is equal before the law and judicial review can keep public bodies in check. Judicial reviews happen when a person feels that their case wasn’t dealt with in a lawful manner or following the correct procedures. The appealing is not on the result of the case itself.

The public authorities can include local authorities, regulatory authorities and immigration authorities.

Cases are dealt with in the Administrative Courts (High Court) and must be begun as soon as possible and in any event within three months of the original decision which is to be challenged. The Courts are more and more expecting applications to be brought as soon as possible.

A decision or action can be challenged if:

  • The law hasn’t been applied properly
  • A proper procedure hasn’t been followed
  • The decision is so unreasonable that a reasonable decision maker wouldn’t have made it
  • One or more of your human rights has been breached

If the Court thinks that a public body is acting unlawfully, it can quash their decision and order them to make it again.  In exceptional circumstances, it can also make orders telling a public authority to do something, or stop doing something if their actions are causing you loss.

Youngs Law have been responsible for bringing a number of landmark cases resulting in very real changes to the benefit of individuals.

How Can We Help with Judicial Reviews 

Youngs Law have a team of Prison Law Solicitors on hand to help you with your decision to press for a judicial review. We are able to represent you and provide advocacy and assistance at judicial reviews and give you advice on whether it is worth your time pressing for a judicial review to take place.

We have a large proportion of repeat clients as clients repeatedly return to us when recalled having previously been successful in having them released.

When to contact us?

As soon as you or someone you know has made the decision to appeal the decision of the public body and would lie to press for a judicial review,  get in touch as soon as possible. To get in touch with one of our prison law solicitors fill out a contact form, call us or send us a message on WhatsApp.


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