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Breakdown of family relationships brings challenges at many levels, but we are here to listen to you. Our family law solicitors offer clear and concise advice which is tailored to your circumstances and your needs.
Our specialist family law solicitors are here to provide thorough and confidential legal advice.

Legal aid is not generally available for certain family law matters such as divorce, legal separation, matrimonial finance or children matters, although in certain circumstances, legal aid is still available for these matters. Our family law solicitors are able to advise and represent you within these areas of law.

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Children and Divorce, children and separation: Expert legal advice and assistance from Youngs Law.

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, it is a difficult time for everyone, especially when there are children involved.
There may be many questions and may be disagreements around:

  • Which parent the children should live with
  • The level and type of contact and access the children have with the parent they will not be living with
  • Future decisions such as on-going medical treatment, issues regarding religious upbringing

Youngs Law’s expert Family law solicitors can advise you on all matters concerning children and divorce or separation, such as residence and contact and financial matters.

How we can help you

“It is most beneficial for the whole family if you and your former partner can co-operate and reach agreements together outside of court.”

It is important that children’s needs and interests are put first and that they are not involved in arguments or conflict.

Have you considered mediation as a means to reach agreements together? If you feel that you have exhausted all options, we can help you.

We can work on a pay as you go basis to help you budget and provide peace of mind about the amount of your fees. We encourage settlement at each stage and therefore if an agreement is reached at any time, you will only pay for the steps taken for you.


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