Domestic Violence

No one should have to deal with domestic abuse or violence. If you’ve been subject to either, please don’t sit in silence. Reach out to our experienced solicitors who can help you take control of the situation and give you the support you need.
Our team of expert domestic violence solicitors can help the victims navigate the legal system and obtain the protection they need.  We can also provide support and guidance through the often-difficult process of filing for a non-molestation and or occupation and seeking custody of children.

In addition, we can connect victims with helpful resources such as shelters, counselling services, and support groups. It is important to be aware that domestic abuse is not only physical violence. You do not have to suffer any form of abuse before you can obtain protection. Harassment and other ill-treatment can justify action being taken.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, call our domestic violence lawyers now on 033 33 582 588 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.


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When someone is a victim of domestic violence, it is important that they get the legal help that they need in order to protect themselves and their children.

Legal Help

No one has the right to subject you to domestic violence, harassment or abuse. However, it is very common for people to live in fear of violent and/or abusive partners and do nothing about it, which can have devastating impacts on their own lives and also the lives of their children and family members.

Naturally, calling the police is one way to handle distressing situations like this. However, if you need advice about the protection you can obtain – and don’t wish to bring criminal charges – you might want to consider talking to one of our experienced family lawyers.

They are here to help you with expert advice and a variety of legal solutions that can give you the protection you deserve. You can also rest assured that we handle every call and every case in complete confidence, to ensure your safety.

What if I’m being harassed by another family member?

Abuse and harassment aren’t always cause from a spouse or partner. It is very common for people to suffer domestic abuse from other relatives and members of their extended families.

If this is happening to you, and you need a permanent solution to the problem, Young’s Law can provide you with best in class legal advice and assist you in being removed for the situation and obtain the protection you need.

If you wish to speak with one of our family lawyers, you can call us now to speak to a family law expert on 033 33 582 588 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

Where can I get help?

Ending a relationship because of domestic violence or other forms of abuse can be difficult and stressful. We have a team of domestic violence lawyers who specialise in domestic violence cases and can assist with your situation.

You can find out more about how they do this by reading our legal advice guide to Domestic Violence & Harassment.

Jag Kainth, Head of Family Law at Youngs is a member of resolution, an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes through non-confrontational communication. They strive to achieve solutions that consider the needs of the whole family, and in particular the wellbeing of children.

24 hour support

We provide a 24-hour helpline service where you can call or text us and we will telephone you back to provide emergency advice. Alternatively, drop into one of our offices to see one of our team.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available for emergency action. Emergency action can mean discussing your situation with you and going to Court on the same day. This can be to seek protective orders, called Non-Molestation orders, or an order securing occupation of a property, called Occupation orders.  In some circumstances, we can take this action without prior warning to the other person.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, contact our domestic violence solicitor to get started on the road to safety and healing.

Don’t suffer in silence. Take action NOW.

Contact us and speak to an experienced member of our Family Law team on 033 33 582 588.

For information about Legal Aid services, visit our Legal Aid page.

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