Botox or Collagen Injection Claims

If you’ve gone in for botox or collagen work and suffered injuries or illness as a result, you could be owed compensation.

Despite increases in the standard of regulation around botox and collagen injections over the past several years, the number of negligence claims is on the rise.

Lots of these claims are brought due to the failure on the part of the medical professional to adequately explain the risks of the procedure, the actual procedure itself or due to the postoperative care.

If you feel like you have been mislead or received a poor standard of work, feel free to write to us if you have any questions. Our Lawyers are more than happy to answer your queries and assist you with your matter should you choose to instruct us.

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Youngs Law’s medical negligence team can assist with cases related to Botox or Collagen injection claims. Our expert solicitors have experience in non-surgical cosmetic treatment compensation claims and have secured compensation for many of our clients.

The cosmetic Botox market is worth more than £18m a year in the UK and more than one million British men and women have injections every year. The popularity of the Botox procedure has increased in recent years as people view it as a more effective and safer alternative to other procedures carrying more risk, such as a facelift.

Botox, the trade name “Botulinum Toxin”, is predominantly used cosmetically as a muscle relaxing injection for the treatment of wrinkles and deep lines. In addition, it is supposed to prevent new lines from forming by relaxing the facial muscles leading to a reduction in facial movements.

Similarly, the collagen injection market is incredibly popular, with individuals seeking a more youthful look through Collagen injections replenishing the skin’s natural Collagen.

Despite the popularity of both non-invasive procedures, it must be noted that some non-surgical cosmetic treatments are regularly being administered by unqualified individuals who may not have received any relevant training whatsoever. Although Botox is a prescription-only medicine and so needs to be prescribed by a supervising doctor, it is often injected by people with little or no qualifications at all.

Whatever the reason for your Botox or Collagen injections, if you believe that you have suffered negligence treatment during or after the procedure, it may be possible to proceed with a negligence claim.

Youngs Law’s medical negligence team are experts in cosmetic surgery compensation claims. Contact our expert team today to discuss your case.

Potential risks or Collagen Injection procedures

As with any cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical Botox and Collagen injections procedures present a number of risks. The administration of facial injections should only be carried out by those professionals who have been adequately trained, yet often they are not. A significant amount of trust is placed in a clinician’s hands and as such, if mistakes happen the consequences can be life-changing;

  • Allergic reaction
    You are not supposed to be given either Botox or Collagen Injections if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients within them. If you were not asked about allergies prior to the procedure and then suffered from an allergic reaction, you may have a claim in clinical negligence.
  • Problems swallowing, speaking or breathing (Botox)
    Such issues are very rare but can occur due to the weakening of associated muscles.
  • The spread of toxin effects (Botox)
    The effect of the Botulinum toxin can potentially affect areas away from the injection site and cause serious symptoms. This can include vision, hoarseness or change or loss of voice, blurred vision, drooping eyelids and loss of strength.
  • Formation of bumps (Collagen)
    Different kind of bumps such as cysts and granulomas are potential filler fuelled complications. In some case, these bumps may be permanent where they have been caused by incorrect techniques or volume of filler.
  • Skin Discoloration (Collagen)
    If Collagen is injected too close to the surface of the skin, it may become visible as a bluish lump.

No Win No Fee:

If you have been given the wrong blood type and have suffered an illness or injury because of this, it is normally considered to be negligent and a claim can be brought.

Youngs Law offer no win, no fee for all of our medical negligence claims, so if you don’t win your case and receive compensation, you don’t pay us a penny. We will also wait for any fee to be paid to us when you receive you compensation and not upon winning you case.

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