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If you are formally detained under The Mental Health Act 1983, you are entitled to be represented by a mental health solicitor. We are also a Legal Aid firm, so you don't pay for our services if you qualify.

Experienced Mental Health Solicitors across the UK.

If you have been detained under the Mental Health Act and you’re in need of legal advice from a mental health solicitor, get in touch with Youngs Law. We have an experienced team of solicitors within our mental health team helping those who are detained under the Mental Health Act. 

Our solicitors have decades of experience dealing with a variety of mental health matters and can help support you with both legal advice and representation. We can also assist you with Legal Aid should you be unable to afford a solicitor or legal representation and have given advice to hundreds of clients about their treatment, rights and detention.   

We will take the time to understand you and your case so that we can take the best action possible to get you the results you want. 

If you’d like to speak with one of our mental health solicitors about your matter, please fill out the form on the right hand side or get in touch with us by phone using the number below and we will be happy to talk through your case with you. 

Youngs Law has decades of experience in offering legal advice for those who have been detained under the Mental Health Act.

Our friendly team of mental health solicitors are here to give you the best advice and protect the rights of all our clients, both in hospitals and in the community.

We hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide those who cannot afford the cost of a solicitor access to our solicitors services across the UK, so no matter where you are based, we can help to support you with you case.

Mental Health Law

If you’ve been detained in hospital under a section of the Mental Health Act or placed under a Community Treatment Order it can be a lonely and isolating time in your life.

Youngs’ team of Mental Health Solicitors take great pride in doing what they can to help those who have been forcibly detained and help them through what can be a difficult time for them, their family and friends.

Our Mental Health Law team aims to not only provide the best in class legal assistance and guidance, but to offer you, a human being the support you need during this process. Our solicitors will take their time to get to know every client and understand them, so they can work on providing you the outcome that has your best interests at heart. 

What can a Mental Health Solicitor help with?

Hiring a mental health lawyer can help you with guidance and legal expertise to help you with making sure your rights, treatment and detention are all just. 

Our team of mental health solicitors have extensive experience in providing legal advice and representation for those who have been detained under the Mental Health Act. They’re focused on protecting the rights of patients in hospital and in the community. 

In terms of detention under The Mental Health Act 1983 we can advise on the following areas of the Mental Health Act: 

  • Section 2 Detention for Assessment and Treatment
  • Section 3 for Treatment
  • Section 7 for Guardianship
  • Section 17A Community Treatment Order
  • Section 37 Hospital Orders
  • Section 37/41 Hospital Order with Restrictions
  • Sections 38,48 and 45A Forensic Orders
  • Section 47/49 Transfer from Prison

We also give advice to:

  • Nearest Relatives on their powers under The Mental Health Act. It may be possible for a relative of someone who is detained to be eligible for financial assistance under the Legal Aid provisions.
  • Advice regarding Applications to displace Nearest relatives.
  • People who have been detained under The Mental Health Act outside hospital subject to Community Treatment Order or Conditional Discharge.
  • Vulnerable clients who have been deprived of their liberty and represent clients before the Court of Protection.

We provide professional, caring, supportive Legal Advice and representation to all our clients using our wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Mental Health F&Qs

What does a mental health solicitor do?

Mental Health solicitors are there to support anyone detained with mental illness. The solicitor will make sure that all of your legal rights are being followed, both in hospitals and in the community. 

This will include things like making sure your rights are being upheld, your detainment is fair and the treatment you’re receiving is correct. 

What are my legal rights in hospital?

If you’re being held under the Mental Health Act, you still have certain legal rights. These rights include:

  • Access to information about why you have been held in hospital
  • Appealing to a Mental Health Tribunal to challenge your section 
  • Seeking help and support from an advocate
  • Meeting with hospital managers

Can a person be forced to stay in hospital against their will?

Yes. There are certain sections within the Mental Health Act whereby a person can be forced to remain in hospital, even if they object to being held. 

However, this can only happen if you have been assessed by a team of health professionals. Young’s Mental Health Team can help you challenge a decision that keeps you in hospital against your will.

If you need support in challenging a decision to keep you in hospital, please get in touch with our team of Mental Health Solicitors by using the number on this page or the contact form.

Can a person be forced to take treatment?

Medical professional have a duty to obtain a person’s informed consent before administering treatment for a physical or mental health condition. However it should be highlighted that, there are certain circumstances under the Mental Health Act where treatment can be given without an individual’s consent, when that person has been detained.

Treatment can only be applied for a mental disorder without consent. Medical treatment administered for a physical illness, without an individual’s consent, is prohibited – unless a physical problem is a symptom or underlying cause of a mental health condition.

Can I get free legal advice?

Yes, but you will need to qualify for legal aid services. This will require you to meet the conditions in which legal aid is available. This will usually require you to provide evidence that you cannot pay for legal services yourself.

Legal Aid is available for all of our mental health services. For more information about how you can obtain legal aid and what it covers, visit our legal aid page.

What is a hospital managers meeting?

Hospital Managers’ hearing is a hearing where three hospital managers assess your need for continued detention in a hospital. 

In this meeting they can also review the requirement to continue on a Community Treatment Order. It is often daunting to face one of these meetings alone. It is highly recommended to get legal representation to help you case. 

For further information and confidential advice from our team of specialist mental health solicitors, please contact a member of our team or call us

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