Cosmetic Surgery Claims

If you've suffered an injury during cosmetic surgery as a result of medical negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. If you think you have a claim, contact us today.

Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Experts

As a society we put lots of faith in medical professionals and spend lots of money on cosmetic surgeries. But in some cases doctors or medical professionals have accidents or lapses in concentration which can lead to you sustaining injuries.

Our specialist team of solicitors are on hand to make sure that if you have suffered as a result of negligence during cosmetic surgery, you get the compensation you deserve.  

Cosmetic surgery, like any surgery can leave you with life changing effects when gone wrong and put you seriously out of pocket.

If you feel you have suffered due to negligent behaviour then please contact us. We offer a free case assessment service and can work on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

How to make a claim for a cosmetic surgery injury? 

If you have chosen to have cosmetic surgery and suffered injuries as a result of medical negligence and you’d like to claim compensation, get in touch with one of our lawyers today.

We can offer you a free, no obligation consultation so you can talk to one of our experts about your case and whether you have a claim. Our team of expert injury lawyers will look into your case, talk with you about what you’ve been through and work out if you have a claim.

What can I claim for?

You may be unsure as to what type of injuries you’re able to claim for. If you’re unsure, speak with us and we’ll be able to analyse you case and tell you if you have a claim.

However, you could claim compensation for any injury that’s a result of medical negligence which occurred during the surgical procedure.

Youngs law have dealt with many surgery cases. Some of the most common claims we see include: 

  • leaving surgical instruments in the body cavity
  • accidentally severing vital blood vessels or nerves
  • operating on the incorrect part of the body or the removal of healthy tissue or organs
  • carrying out unnecessary surgery as a consequence of a misdiagnosis or confusion involving notes, x-rays or patients themselves
  • leaving items in the patient’s body after surgery; this can include sponges, swabs and surgical instruments

Breaking the 'Duty of Care'

If injury or harm is caused, it is not automatically assumed that the healthcare professional was negligent and therefore liable for medical negligence. Instead, the prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, or procedure will be considered by other medical experts to see if it is consistent with accepted medical practice. 

If it is, then the professional is most likely to be found to have acted within their duty of care. It is only when the diagnosis, treatment, or procedure was below standards that apply to that medical professional that they may be seen to have breached a duty of care.

For you to have a successful claim you will need to prove that the injuries you suffered were as a result of negligence and that the duty of care was breached.

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Tracy Hunns-Clarke

Clinical Negligence Lawyer

How much compensation can I get?

Victims of cosmetic surgery negligence can claim compensation for all of the following:

  1. physical and psychological injuries resulting from the negligent cosmetic surgery;
  2. medical expenses, including any costs of correcting the cosmetic surgery;
  3. loss of earnings;
  4. the cost of care; and
  5. out of pocket expenses.

To make one of these claims you will often need to have medical evidence in the form of a doctor’s report. From this information the compensation you receive will vary.

Other factors to consider are any expenses or financial losses that are incurred as a direct result of the negligent treatment. For example, it is common for victims to require extensive and expensive treatment to correct the surgery and the cost of that treatment on a private basis can be added to the legal claim. Compensation for the cost of care (or the value of any care provided by friends and family) can be claimed in addition.

It is important that you keep an accurate record of your losses so that you are able to claim these back if you are successful as they will have a big influence on the compensation you receive.

Compensation for physical and psychological injury arising from negligent cosmetic surgery varies from case to case and will largely depend on the severity of the injury, the expected recovery period and the degree to which you have been left with permanent damage.

The court categorise injuries, and the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim will reflect the category that your injuries are allocated to.

Are legal costs deducted from my compensation?

If we act on a No Win, No Fee basis for your case then we will take payment upon you receiving your compensation. 

The amount that you will have to pay will vary but it will never exceed 25% of the total compensation awarded to you. This means you will receive a minimum of 75% of the award and in many cases the percentage will be much higher. This is because the success fee is based on the amount of work we have to carry out, rather than how much compensation you receive.

If you have any questions about the fee will will charge your claim please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

For further information and confidential advice from our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors, please contact a member of our team or call us

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