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Criminal Defence

It can be difficult facing criminal investigations or proceedings, therefore we are here to help throughout, offering our expertise in Police Stations (24/7), Youth and Magistrate Courts, Crown Courts and the Court of Appeal.

Our specialist criminal defence solicitors are here to provide thorough and confidential legal advice.

Our criminal law solicitors are more than happy to answer your queries and assist you with your matter should you choose to instruct us.

Our Criminal Defence solicitors deal with all matters involving criminal law from police station advice to representation at Magistrates, Crown Courts and appeal courts.

If you are accused of committing a criminal offence, we can represent you at the police station or in court to ensure your legal rights are protected. 

We are accredited Criminal Law specialists under the Law Society Criminal Law accreditation scheme and also offer legal aid where available. We can provide you with all levels of advice and representation, whether you are a defendant, co defendant or witness and deal with all types of criminal law from white collar crime to murder and serious crimes to the person.

We are also members of the duty solicitor scheme and provide an emergency 24 hour telephone advice line: 07768 746 134.

Tacarat Hussain

Head of Criminal Department

For further information and confidential advice from our team of specialist criminal litigation solicitors, please contact a member of our team or call us

033 33 582 582

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