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Criminal Defence Fixed Fees

How does it work

Our solicitors will let you know the work that needs to be carried out and will agree the cost of these services with you. Where there are extra costs, such as obtaining a medical report, expert reports or any other fees, our experts will inform you of such costs potentially associated with your matter.

Occasionally you may wish for our experts to carry out extra work. For example, you may wish to take the case to a trial when we had quoted for a low-cost guilty plea. In these situations, our expert will be clear about the extra funding that will need to assist with your case.

How much it will cost you

Please note these costs are a general guidance for you and you may have to pay more than we have advertised here. Please contact our solicitors to get a tailored no-obligation quotation for your matter.

  • Reviewing case papers and advice on plea £382.50 +VAT
  • Letter of mitigation to the magistrates’ court £382.50 +VAT
  • Police Interviews £500 +VAT
  • Magistrates’ Court guilty plea £765 +VAT
  • Exceptional hardship cases £765 + VAT
  • Magistrates’ Court trials from £1,275 +VAT
  • Crown Court appeals from £1,530 +VAT

*** prices ‘from’ above is a generic figure compared with the cases handled by this office. These prices could change depending on the situation and might involved extra work. Fees also change depending on travelling requirements to Courts and police stations.

Does traveling costs included in your pricing

Travelling cost is included in the pricing above if your hearing is within 150 miles from our office. There may be extra travelling expenses depending on the location of your hearing.

Do you offer Legal Aid

Young and Co Solicitors do offer legal aid for most of the services we offer from our offices in Stoke-On-Trent. However, Legal Aid is available depending on your circumstances. Please visit the Legal Aid page for more information.

The table below demonstrates legal costs in further details;

Case Type Reviewing case papers | Mitigation letters Police Interviews Magistrates’ Court guilty plea | Exceptional hardship cases Magistrates’ Court trials Crown Court appeals
Fee (+VAT)
£500.00 1st Visit
£250.00 per visit thereafter
From £1,275
From £1,530
Reading Materials
Interviews with you
Advice on sentence
Attendance and representation at one court hearing
Extra hearings (+VAT)
Instructing an expert witness
Interviewing witnesses
Up to 3 witnesses
Up to 3 witnesses
Advice about merits of appeal
Travel expenses
.45p per mile
.45p per mile
.45p per mile
.45p per mile
.45p per mile

Motoring Offences

Youngs Criminal Defence team can assist you with the following offences.

  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Failure to stop after an accident
  • Failure to exchange details after an accident
  • Failure to provide details of the driver on request
  • Failure to provide insurance details on request
  • Failure to be in proper control of your car
  • Driving over the prescribed limit of alcohol or drugs
  • Using a handheld device while driving
  • Driving without due care of attention
  • Overseeing a vehicle while over the prescribed limit of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving without an insurance
  • Driving whilst disqualified

Please see the above ‘how much it will cost you’ section for fees information on these services.

About the experts

Tacarat Hussain – Solicitor

Tacarat is a Criminal Defence solicitor based at our Longton office. 

Contact Tacarat on: 033 33 582 582


For further information and confidential advice about legal aid, please contact a member of our team or call us

033 33 582 582

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