Why choose us as your medical negligence lawyer?

Recently I have been preparing a marketing leaflet for the Medical Negligence department.

It is interesting as I considered “what information does a new client need to make them want to choose us?”

Obviously, clients’ need:

  • the FAQs,
  • reassurance of expert knowledge and
  • confirmation that we know what we are doing

And we absolutely do – of that, I can assure you.

BUT … why are we different? We take the TIME needed.

You are not just a number to us; we use time to ensure that you feel cared about.

  • We take time to listen
  • Time to care about you as an individual
  • Use time to make detailed investigations

There are a lot of lawyers out there. 

There is a lot of competition and they will all tell you that they are skilled and knowledgeable.

SO ….what else do clients’ need?

You need care.
We take the time.

How would I feel if a medical professional let me down and caused me damage?

I would:

  1. feel angry
  2. be worried, perhaps even scared
  3. feel upset
  4. want to know how it had happened
  5. want to know why it had happened
  6. be fearful for the future
  7. want to be financially compensated

Financial compensation or “damages” as lawyers call it is a tricky subject. 

Of course, suffering injury as a result of medical negligence is about so much more than money.


the way the system works means that apologies won’t pay the bills or the mortgage if the injury caused by the negligence leaves you unable to work.

You might need to be compensated for the future if or when:

  • you are unable to work
  • looking after yourself or your family is too difficult
  • you become unable to clean your own home
    decorate your home,
    look after your garden
    pursue your hobbies.

Lots of people want answers and assurances that it won’t happen to others in the future, but the bottom line is that they will also need financial compensation.

At Youngs, we understand that the apology and getting the answers is as important as the cheque.

We work tirelessly to achieve all of that for our clients.

Our Medical Negligence team has huge amounts of experience between them but you should expect that when you engage the services of a lawyer.

It must be “a given” that your lawyer knows how to do their job and, of course, we do!


Not all lawyers:

  1. take the time to empathise with their clients,
  2. visit their clients’ at home if that is easier
  3. know and understand that just “being there” to take the worry and the stress out of the process is as important as the legal knowledge and skill.

I am really proud to work at Swain & Co and, particularly, to head the Medical Negligence team.

Every person in my team is extremely skilled in what they do but, more than that:

  • they are passionate about what they do,
  • they are dedicated to succeeding for their clients and,
  • most of all, they care!

Of course, we are excellent lawyers but we are also excellent human beings and I think that is what I want as a client!

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