Should I Make a Medical Negligence Claim?

Youngs Law reflects on recent NHS stories and why you might wish to bring a medical negligence claim.

Reading the BBC Health web pages passes for relaxation when you are a Medical Negligence Lawyer.

It is a really great way to see what is happening in the world of “Health” and checking out the latest shocking statistics about the NHS and their perceived failings.

The NHS is an “Old man” now.  He is a little bit tired, frayed around the edges and maybe not always doing what he promises to do.

As I was reading through the BBC website recently I noticed a headline that said a young woman had died. An overwhelmed hospital department failed to spot that she had taken a potentially fatal overdose.

I read another headline that said the NHS was crippled and failing to meet waiting times and deadlines for being seen in Accident & Emergency department. Ambulances are not arriving in time to save lives, people cannot get an appointment with their GP and mental health services are in crisis.

There is a lot of doom and gloom out there about our NHS services.

BUT the fact remains that we still have it.

  • We are still able to see a GP without paying for it;
  • We can attend our local Accident & Emergency department without having to have expensive insurances; and
  • Generally the services received are adequate.


It is not “Gold Standard” and it is not very often that people report how fantastic our NHS is or how amazing the service was that they received from their GP.

Quite often they complain but more often than not they do not.

People are stoical, they feel that they should just “get on with it” and, all too often, they feel that they just have to accept what their GP does or the Hospital does. Even if that is wrong and even if they were harmed as a result.


No GP wants to fail a patient and cause harm.

Similarly, no Surgeon goes into work thinking that it doesn’t matter if things go wrong.

But…mistakes do happen.

Old man NHS:

  • Cannot afford to employ enough staff;
  • He cannot always employ staff that are well trained; and
  • He cannot provide all of the resources and funding that is needed.


It is important, vital even, that those people are able to seek financial compensation for these mistakes, for the negligence.

Every medical professional that you come into contact with, who treats you owes you a “Duty of care”.

If they are found to have breached that duty of care, then you may be able to make a claim for financial compensation.

What you absolutely should not do is suffer in silence.

You should not be worried or fearful of coming forward and asking for help.  You certainly should not feel “bad” to exercise your right to complain or bring a claim.”

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